Gewoon omdat het kan

Zomaar een greep uit wat er gebeurt in de subcultuur.

De klassieke krachten Allane en de verenigde zwagers gaan tekeer over straat, staat, serieuze en jonzinpraat.

Wij liken alle likes, dus like ons!

About the subculture

Hereby launching a platform sharing music, opinions and thoughts covering global issues ranging from fun to politics. All with a touch of the philosophy, shared among friends and founders of the subculture phi.

Why the φ? Defeat is no alternative!

Breaking down subculture φ
...culture as being the shared identity of a group of people...

sub... in the sense that there are those who cannot comply...

...and have formed their own subdomain. This subculture reinvents the base, or rather subbase (wobwob- whooa-aap), of the new digitally interrelated generation.

We cannot stand by and let our newfound digital global friendship be exploited by a commercially driven incentive. Let�s free ourselves from oppression by materialism, politics or religions and share knowledge, fun, music and thoughts! If you share this view or any other, wehereby invite you to join the subculture!

The number φ (phi) represents the golden ratio. This ratio can be found in many aspects of nature and your direct surrounding. Objects and shapes that appear to be natural or even beautiful often obey, in one form or the other, the golden ratio. The examples are endless. Further, the subject can be approached as a mathematical issue,which may be regarded as the one philosophy that represent the true and proven method to explain all that surrounds us.

Hence, da subculture φ


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